Sunday, October 21, 2012

Check list before hitting 3-0!

Last week, it dawned on me... I'm nearing the big 3-0! Honestly I have mixed motions- excited, anxious, afraid, happy, sad, etc! I'm looking forward to a new chapter of my life, but I'm also hesitant to let go of my 20s- it was so much fun that I'm wondering whether my third decade of existence in this world would be the same. We can't stop time from rolling, that's why I just chose to enjoy my last months as a 20-something young woman who is set to conquer wider horizons, especially now that I'm married already. So last week at the office, Jen (my BSB) and I thought of doing this "30 before 30" list - it's like a bucket list of the things we wanna do, we wanna go to, we wanna achieve before turning 30 next year. I guess this is also our way for us to easily learn to love being in our 30s! It took me some time before I finalize this list, because I tried to be ambitious yet realistic, given that I have only about 7 months to go before hitting 30. Some of the items in this list are shared with Jen, while some are just my very own: 1. Perfect 30 recipes. 2. Read and collect 30 books. 3 Visit 30 places you've never been to. 4. Donate to charity / foundation. 5. Try a new hair style of treatment. 6. Watch 30 movies. 7. Enroll in a class and learn something new. 8. Grow a plant. 9. Go on one local and one international trip. 10. Write a 30-page story. 11. Post 30 blog entries. 12. Go on a 30-day fast of something you can't live without. 13. Place a lottery bet 30 times. 14. Write a letter to yourself before your 30th birthday and read it only after 5-10 years. 15. Buy a piece of furniture for your future home. 16. Send an email to 30 long-lost friends or relatives. 17. Buy 30 grocery items you haven't tried before. 18. Eat in 30 new restaurants. 19. Throw or give away 30 items you no longer need or use. 20. Learn how to drive. 21. Buy an expensive jewelry. 22. Pay out all debts. 23. Treat your family to an expensive dinner or outing. 24. Buy a toy you used to play when you were young. 25. Compile albums of all yoour photos in Facebook. 26. Organize a cousins' reunion - mother side. 27. Do a follow-up consultation with your OB. 28. Organize your files in your laptop and delete unnecessary files. 29. Treat to lunch or dinner 3 important people that you've lost touch with. 30. Have P50,000 in your coop savings account.

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