Friday, November 2, 2012

Eat in 30 restaurants

1. Ilustrado Restaurant Address: 744 Calle Real del Palacio, Intramuros, Manila
I've visited this resto years ago when I was still with DTI. We did an ocular inspection because we were considering it as one of the venues for an international event. Its ambiance appealed to me then, as I have always loved places with SpaniSh era theme. I got the chance to finally eat in this resto just two weeks ago, during the 114th anniversary of The Manila Times. With me were Ms. Judy and John, my colleagues at LANDBANK. What I liked most about Ilustrado: The food was great, but nothing extra special. But I really loved their wine- sweet with that tangy tase. And again, I really like the feel of the place - old, historical... transforms me into a Maria Clara! About Ilustrado: "Today, Ilustrado, the restaurant, caters to clientele of enlightened tastes. Clients whose palates are conversant in savoring the exotic, cosmopolitan and neo-classic flavors of international and Filipino cuisine. For over 19 years, it has established a name for itself as a fine dining restaurant and favorite wedding venue. It has hosted visiting heads of state such as King and Queen of Spain, President of Peru, President of Czeckoslovakia, King and Queen of Malaysia, Princess of Thailand, a Miss Universe, performing artists and celebrities, and a cardinal’s silver jubilee celebration with over a thousand guests!" 2. Mr. Choi Kitchen Address: Level 1, Robinson's Place, Manila
My good friend Alan was in Manila one lazy morning at work. He invited me to have lunch outside. Longing for a breather from our toxic work place, I agreed. I wanted to dine at some place new - so there, Mr. Choi Kitchen. What I liked most about Mr. Choi Kitchen: I liked their yang chow rice and dimsum of course, my favorite. I noticed that they have very very large servings, one order is good for two already. About Mr. Choi Kitchen: Mr.-Choi-Logo.jpg "Mr. Choi's Kitchen is a traditional Chinese Restaurant with but a few compromises to Philippine culture. Its authentic way of cooking has won the hearts of many foodies in the metro. The dishes offered here would definitely satisfy one’s Chinese food cravings. Patrons can’t get enough of its dimsum selections, congees, soups, supreme baked rice and noodles. Contrary to popular belief that Chinese food is unhleahty, health-conscious customers rejoice as they’ll be glad to learn that Mr. Choi’s Kitchen claims that its foods do not have MSG! Get the best of both worlds --enjoy feasting on meals and lessen guilt feelings with every bite!"

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