Monday, January 28, 2013

Breather Schedule

Time, indeed flies. The first month of 2013 is almost through, and I'm starting to feel that there are A LOT to be organized - my thoughts, ideas, plans, schedules, financials, everything! Work eats up my day- upon calculation, I spend approximately 12-13 hours working, including travelling time and lunch break, so I'm left with what - 11-12 hours for myself? But of course I have to sleep, and they say getting 8 hours of sleep a day is best, so subtract that from my 11-12 hours, and I get only 3-4 hours for ME time. Let's say, I've got only 3 hours. The remaining 3 hours of my life each weekday, would be between 7:30 pm (time I usually arrive at home) and 10:30 pm (usual sleeping time). So what to do during this time? Instead of mindlessly surfing the net daydreaming about my next vacation, I decided to come up with my BREATHER SCHEDULE that I expect will guide me in accomplishing the tasks that I have in mind: MONDAY MADNESS - Since it's the start of the work week, I feel sluggish during this day most of the time. So I prefer not to do anything productive on Monday nights hehe. This is my time to just laze around in bed, be a couch potato, or just binge eat. I just wanna recharge this day, so there, Monday would be my cheat day. If I can manage to be a bit productive on this day, I would rather read a book/magazine, and surf the net for the best travel/dining deals in town! THINKING TUESDAY - School and/or business. These would be the main themes of this day. Our compre exam is fast approaching and I haven't read a single page in my reviewers. Hopefully I pass the compre to finish my Graduate Studies, so as early as now I must dedicate at least one night for review or at least scanning of notes. I also intend to make Tuesday my business day. I'm into my Royale side line that I can't get enough of it! It's fun to have extra income and talk to people regarding this opportunity to grow and earn more. Tuesdays would be also Royale Day, so I can update my sales records, view my account online, and talk to prospective clients/members. Tuesday would indeed require me to think... and anticipate two accomplishments - graduation and more moooolah hehe. :) WEDDING PLANNING WEDNESDAY - It's less than a year to go before our church wedding! ;) I know what I want during our big day, we've booked the church and the reception venue... but I still can't figure out the other tiny details of this special event. I don't wanna wake up one day unprepared and realize that it would be a couple of months left before THE day. So now that there is still a lot of time, I wanna make the most out of my Wednesdays and devote this day to wedding planning! :) TIDY THURSDAY- This would be de-cluttering day - tidying up my files, cabinets, drawers, boxes, etc. One at a ime I really want to get rid of unnecessary documents so I can free up space in my room. I also want to delete old files from my laptop -- it's getiing slower because of the low memory! Hopefully I would be able to buy an external drive for my gazzilllion photos and songs! I caould also sort out my clothes and dispose those that I don't really need. I guess slow de-cluttering would be more effective and less tiring as compared to one time big time rehabilitation of my room and storage units. FUN FRIDAY - Anything fun would be on a Friday - dinner/night out with friends, parties, and of course..... this is my chat date night with Mascot my love. :) As for my weekends, anything goes! :) But here are the activities that I want to be staple during Saturdays and Sundays: SATURDAY SERENITY - Exercise, cooking, watching movie - that is, if I don't have a Royale meeting or any major event. I'd really rather stay at home on a Saturday; if it's inevitable, of course I'll go out... but if I can, I'll just stay in my pajamas and exercise, cook, or watch movie. :) SUNDAY SWEETNESS - Time for the Lord and family, nothing else. :) So there! I hope I could follow this breather schedule that I have set for my one and only SELF. I've been overwhelmed with my to-do list that I badly needed this kind of strategy to become more productive. Good luck to me! ;)

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