Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Very Special Love Affair

Last night, I thought I lost my phone. It almost broke my heart into pieces. Many questions entered my mind, and I can barely identify my exact feelings then. I was laughing with my friends, but inside I was weeping. I kept on eating what’s on my plate, but my mind was somewhere else.

I was feeling less and less optimistic that I’d find my phone again, but I know there’s still a flicker of hope in my heart. I told myself, I can’t give up on my phone. Not this time, not this way… I would rather break up with my phone in the near future. I’d prefer also if it gives up one me. But me?? I won’t. Because I have developed a very special love affair with my phone.


1. It wakes me up. If it’s gone, I won’t be on time for work most of the time because I have trouble getting up early without my phone’s sweet alarm.
2. When I wake up, it’s the first things I look at and touch.
3. My phone has been witness to all my outbursts of joy and sadness.
4. It knows a lot of secrets about me. I can’t lie to my phone. It’s in it that I open up all my emotions.
5. It has seen me fall in love and get hurt many times.
6. Before I go to sleep, it’s the last things I loot at and touch.
7. It has many uses. I use my phone as calculator, mini notebook, calendar, and photo album. I also use it as a mirror from time to time.
8. My phone captures stolen moments.
9. My phone comforts me when I’m down. I can stare at it and browse through it for hours without getting bored. And then I’d be able to sleep and forget all my worries.
10. My phone is one of my mood indicators, like Facebook. Its wall paper, theme, text settings, and phonebook settings tell a lot about my mood. In short, I express myself though my phone as well!

I’m sooooooo happy to be reunited with my phone. I learned my lesson well. Love your phone, just as you love someone special. Nurture the relationship you have, and you’ll never go wrong. If my phone could talk, I know it will tell me that it loves me too. Hahaha.

I can go out without money, as long as I have my phone- but with powder and lipstick. And yes, Betty Boop saves the day! 

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