Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sinigang Express

Since I met my dear Mascot, I've been into cooking. I want to write about the dishes I've mastered cooking these past few days. I guess it would help me not forget the ingredients and steps in preparing each meal.

Everybody at home loves pork sinigang. So I guess it's a recipe that I should master. Here's my codigo on pork sinigang:

Ingredients: pork, water, radish, okra, salt, fish sauce, kangkong, Tamarind mix


1. Boil pork, wait til it's tender. Put in tomatoes and onions.
2. Add sliced radish and okra.
3. Mix and put salt and fish sauce.
4. Pour in Tamarind mix.
5. Put sili and kangkong, and then stir.

Voila! Pork Sinigang best served hot, with fish sauce as sawsawan. :)

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