Wednesday, August 10, 2011


1. My Mascot to come home – The thought of my one and only love coming home definitely sends shivers to my spine hahaha. I miss everything about him – the way he makes me laugh, the way he looks and smiles at me, the way he holds my hands, the way he touches me, the way he kisses me… and just the way he is!

2. Purchase house and lot / renovate the house - Of course, through housing loan for employees-
With a very low interest (4% per annum) payable in I think 15-25 years. Though sometimes I’m afraid of the thought of being tied to the company I’m working in for what seems like forever because of the loan, I think it’s really a really good deal that I should grab. I’ll stress about the advance payments I intend to make after the loan has been released.

3. Finish Graduate School – Going back to school, so far, has been a fun and rewarding experience. Though it sometimes stresses me out because of conflicting schedule with work, I’m glad that I took the chance to study again. I think 3 more sems and I’m done! Hopefully I pass the compre exam.

4. More savings – Now that my sister has finished school, I can save up more money. I have always wanted to save at least 5% of my monthly salary ever since but I was not able to do so because almost all of my income go to my sister’s tuition fee or loan payments. I’m glad I have accumulated quite a lot of savings since I opened my LANDBANKOOP account. I now also have another bank account which serves as my piggy bank for my savings from my salary every pay day. And of course, I’m looking forward also to the General Assembly of the Quatros Marias Cooperativas with my amigas Bonn, Jen, and Pam – just means more shopping cash for Christmas!

5. Coron vacation – Booked for November this year with Pam, Marly, and Marvin. It’s my major major beach escapade for this year. Would you believe I haven’t been to the beach last summer ever?! So before the year ends, I’m going to Coron, Palawan and chill!

6. Real Estate Sideline – Though I’m already doing initial talks with some of my contacts, I have to really devote more time for this business. I hope I can find time to attend the seminars so I can officially begin working as an agent or broker. I think I can manage this on top of my regular work and school. Is a P30,000 commission every other month feasible? Hehehe.

7. Compile photos – This has always been a dream! I have lots of photos printed out but they’re just stuck in my cabinet. I want to see all of my photos systematically arranged in photo albums. I won’t do scrapbooking though, just plain albums would do. I’m not really satisfied with my photos being posted in Facebook. I want hard copies that can be shown to visitors at home. And personally, I want to browse albums during rainy days while listening to music and sipping a cup of coffee! Bliss. 

8. Convert video tapes to DVD – I have always planned to convert my 7th birthday video (in Betamax) and 18th birthday video (in VHS) into DVD. I’m afraid I would lose those captured memories because the tapes have tarnished already. I want to watch these videos again and relish those carefree days- especially my 7th birthday video where I can watch my dad alive and kicking.

9. Body Scrub – Calling my BSB!!! (Body Scrub Buddy).. It has been ages since we last indulged in body scrub hahaha. I hope that before this year ends, we’ll have at least one BS session.- Wensha or even Let’s Face it (the orig hehe).

10. Getting engaged and married – HAHAHA. Enough said. :D BUBBLES! ;)


  1. hahaha i loveeeetttt.. hehehe. these are pretty sensible things to look forward to,bsb. im sure you can achieve them! and yes we must have BS before the year ends!! yay for blogging! haha ;)

  2. hahaha thanks co-blogger. yayy! tinopak nnman tayo ng kaadikan sa blog haha. cheers! BS it is!! :D