Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crispy Pata Craving

Yesterday, I was craving for crispy pata. It was about past 3 PM and I was busy working at my desk when suddenly, I imagined that I was feasting on crispy pata with rice and toyo with sili as sawsawan plus a glass of cold Coke! Yummy! Hayyyy.. and I guess until now I feel that I need to eat crispy pata!!! :D My taste buds just won't let it go. I can't stop thinking about crispy pata.... how will I get over this feeling???

Weird, but I also feel a bit nostalgic of the thought of crispy pata. When we were younger and my dad was still alive, he used to ask us to buy Ka Hector's ever famous crispy pata near our house. It was the best crispy pata in Pasig I guess! So tender, juicy, and smells good! My brother and I would usually walk hand in hand and enter a small eskinita to go to Ka Hector's house turned crispy pata store. From their gate we would already smell that perfect aroma that we just wanna head home with that crispy pata and start to devour it. Good ol childhood days are just some of the best times in my life. I never get tired reminiscing about them... until now I remember the smell, the feel, and the taste of Ka Hector's crispy pata.

Now, enough of this melodrama portion. I just want to eat crispy pata!!! :D

1 comment:

  1. ang adik mo bsbbbb!!!! hahaha. but okay sige since binigyan mo ng melodramatic spin ang craving mo,di na ko kokontra hehe. So ngayon wala na iyong Ka Hector's? Baka iyan na ang calling more for a crispy pata business! malay mo 'di ba? ;)