Monday, September 5, 2011

To be or not to be fat?

A month ago, I was complaining a lot.- I’m getting fat, my clothes won’t fit, I look a bit ugly chubby! I didn’t do anything about it; I didn’t go on a diet or exercise. But a ‘subconsicous’ part of me (if that’s what you call it, like an impulsive reaction that you’re not fully aware of?) knew I was cutting back on eating. I used to eat a lot, pandesal on my desk, cookies in my bag, siomai side trip on my way home… But when comments like “you’re fat” and “you should lose weight” started bugging me, I panicked. I eliminated the pandesal, the ccokies, and just occasional siomai! Just one comment about my size and there you go, I start to feel that the whole world is on my shoulders. Then I’d start googling about “tips to lose weight” and “why you’re fat.” Hello Little Ms. Worry!
A while ago, I got that “you’re getting skinny” comment from three people – my mom, my officemate, and a co-employee from another department. And ironically (or not), I had that same irritated feeling when I hear that “you’re fat” statement. What should I do???
I love my body but I hate it that it changes so fast! If only I could just maintain the ideal weight and look. And why are people around me always take notice of any changes in my body??? Hahaha. I just want to be a bubble! Bubble forever! Hahaha. :D

Now, you judge: Fat or skinny??

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  1. haha i prefer fat bsb! well not naman fat pero ok n yang ngayon. and don't worrryyyy,, di ka pa payatttt.malayo pa jan sa isang pic,i swear.hehe. rela, kahit alam ko mahirap haha.;)