Tuesday, October 12, 2010


It’s not easy to get over heartbreaks. And I don’t just mean those caused by silly romance, but all kinds of heartaches you can think of- family problem, financial worries, career stress, health concerns, identity crisis, etc. We have to admit that we don’t recover overnight. Some may take weeks, months, or even years. As they say, the pain will always be there. It’s just that you become numb or immune to it as time goes by.

I deal with agony by WALLOWING for at least a week, max two weeks. “Wallow” as in sulk, cry, mope, talk about it endlessly. I devote myself to depression, I choose to remain helpless… as in wallow! Hahaha. Lucky me I have at my disposal my shrink and therapist friends who have no choice but to deal with my bouts of sadness, sometimes anger and frustration. I tend to overanalyze things- what should have happened, what I did wrong, what could have been done to prevent the mess. I will be at my worst, I will get sick, I will withdraw from the world, and I won’t have a sense of focus during this period. But what’s good about me is I guess, I can bounce back easily after the “wallowing period.”

I’m not saying I will be totally okay after wallowing, but I’ll be back on track at the very least. I won’t be at my happiest of course, but I can manage to laugh from time to time. I will still have “emo” moments, but nevertheless it’s not too much for people around me to be very concerned.

What do I do after wallowing? I do quick-fixes- easy things to do to cure my broken heart, things that will comfort me, and will remind me that hey (cliché as it may sound), there’s a rainbow after the rain. I’d like to share some of my quick-fixes. Some of these are actually common to women, but for those who are still looking for quick-fixes, you might want to try a thing or two from my list:

1. Having a new haircut or new color of hair – like most women, this gives me a feeling of a “brand new me”

2. Eating chocolates – they never fail to lighten up my mood

3. Changing bed sheet and pillow cases – for a more comfortable sleep

4. Slathering my body with baby oil before I sleep – makes me forget problems even for a while

5. Creating a “chill” playlist in my ipod – music soothes me

6. Reading my diaries when I was in gradeschool and highschool – to laugh about my childishness, it’s so refreshing you just want to go back to childhood

7. Writing in my journal – it’s like I am able to transfer all my angst to the journal

8. Buying new earrings or headband – can’t get enough of these, they make me look and feel beautiful despite what I’m going through

9. Deleting old files in my PC and old messages in my phone – it makes me feel much organized, making me more eager to start anew

10. Clothing stuffed toys and dolls – especially my Dora doll; pagiging isip-bata sometimes gives me joy. Call me weird, but I sort of feel that I re-connect with my innermost being when I dress up dolls hahaha, they make me feel I’m needed and I make them happy.

11. Drinking Starbucks Mocha Frappe Coffee or my mom’s coffee – uplifts my spirit, especially when I drink it over a light conversation with a friend, sister, special someone, or my mom

12. Fixing my closet – pulling out clothes I don’t wear anymore is like eliminating all the unnecessary clutters in my mind

Quick-fixes are easy to do and very affordable! They may not totally solve all your problems in the world, but they definitely help you regain your sanity. They don’t give you the answers you are looking for, but they give you a break that you truly need. They are not life-changing, but they can help you change the way you deal with the hardships you are encountering. Quick-fixes may not guarantee that you’ll become a better person, but they will surely let you realize that despite everything, it’s still a wonderful world out there!


  1. i so agree,bsb. there are alwasy quick fixes and no matter what, it's still a wonderful world. ;)