Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things I WILL DO Before Getting Married

Maybe Cupid was lost along the way. And perhaps I came across some cupids pretending to be THE Cupid. Because I got hit by several arrows many times in the heart, only to find out that I've got a bleeding heart! Hahaha. Yes, I believe in Mr. Cupid and call me cheesy, but I'm someone who still believes in "THE ONE." I don't mind, because a lot of my friends believe in that, and not to mention soulmates too.

I have yet to find the love of my life. When I turned 27 last May, I admit that I sort of felt the pressure. Most of my relatives kept on asking me when is MY DAY, and WHO is the lucky one. I got irritated at times, but now I'm getting the hang of it. I told my self not to rush, and it will come. It's hard for me to believe this a few months back, but after all that happened in my life recently, I'm now chilling... and not worrying about it at all.

I want to focus on ME, as I've said in my previous post. :) And so, I came up with a list of what I WILL DO before I tie the knot:

1. Travel abroad alone. Okay, if not alone, with a close friend hahaha.. Because I'm not sure if I can manage my first travel overseas all by myself. Unlucky me, I haven't been to any other country but the Philippines. :( So I guess, that explains why travelling abroad is on top of my list! For my first trip overseas, I'd love to go to Singapore and Malaysia.

2. Start a business. And I don't just mean my current business which is selling goodies at work hehehe. Of course, it helps a lot. But I want a business wherein I will invest a a great deal of money, something from which I can gain big profit in the long run. I actually wanted to put up a bar and resto / grill or a spa hahaha.. But since I guess my savings in the next months won't be enough for this kind of business, then I'd go for a gift / school supplies shop. I don't know where, but I have to start somewhere!!

3. Write my partial memoir. If I'll compile all my writings in my journals and diaries, I can create a book already. Partial memoir only because my story will continue til I get married, have kids, and grow old! I want to show my memoir to my future husband, and share with him all that's in me, and in my heart.

I think I still have a lot in my list, but I'll stop at item number 3. Hehehe. I want my goals to be doable in terms of time, effort, and resources. Once I fulfill all of these, then I might add more to this list.

Disclaimer! These are the things I swear I will really, really do before marriage. BUT in case I can't fulfill all of these, and my man has come, and love love love swept me off my feet, then no one can stop me from getting married hahaha. Good luck to me! I'm sure I can do at least one of these in my list before MY DAY. :)

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